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All About Jazz  'Song of the Day':
Beauty in Chaos feat. Lynn Adib


"Jazz Song of the Day" on 3rd September on All About Jazz

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"...  in every sense of the word,
a musician out of the ordinary..."

— Reinhard Köchl, Jazz thing

"Alexandra Ivanova. A tree with many roots"
September 2023

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Beauty in Chaos - Final Album Cover highres.jpg
"Within just a few bars [...] it’s clear that huge talent lies behind the seven songs of Beauty in Chaos . Alexandra Ivanova is committed to dismantling prejudices and questioning cultural norms: Beauty in Chaos is the starting material for this undertaking."

— Press text

"Beauty in Chaos - Jazz Thing Next Generation Vol. 99"
August 2023

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Radio Interview on COSMO Radio 

— COSMO Bel-Arabi

"Alexandra Ivanova, pianist and composer"
July 2022

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"… magnificently beautiful.
A first album is on its way.
We can't wait for that to happen."

— The Next Gig

"Fantastisch eerste optreden van Alexandra Ivanova Trio"
July 2021

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"Anyone who conveniently
calls her a jazz musician
will be deceived."

— The Next Gig

"Alexandra Ivanova: “Ik ben een kameleon”"
July 2021

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"... a combination of two worlds."
Old Icelandic drinking songs reharmonized and dedicated to the residents of the Saeborg elderly home.

— Feykir

"Music For Fun – Gömul íslensk lög
endurvakin fyrir íbúa Sæborgar"

October 2020

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"Pianist Alexandra Ivanova from Berlin will play her compositions in a concert in Pleven."

— Spirit of Pleven 
October 2021

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"Austrian jazz pianist Alexandra Ivanova performing at this year's Reykjavik Jazz Festival"

— Austrian Embassy Copenhagen 

September 2020

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"Upcoming concert by the Austrian jazz pianist
Alexandra Ivanova in Reykjavik"

— Austrian Embassy Copenhagen 

October 2020

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